About me

I started blogging as a way to let out some creative steam. So what you’ll find on the blog is whatever hit my creative mojo at a certain time and point in my life. It just happens to be that creating a sweet treat is like therapy for me; my “happy place”, and who doesn’t smile when they think of sugar -  hence the name The Sugar Box.

I am a busy mom of 6 wonderful children and, as you can imagine, I don’t have much time to myself. You will often find me in my test kitchen, late at night, when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet, testing recipes or putting the finishing touches on a cake. I wasn’t always a baker. I actually worked as a high school chemistry teacher for 13 years. Since I’ve been teaching for a while, I can’t help myself but bring more to a recipe than just the ingredients; I sometimes feel the need to make a lesson out of it – old habits die hard!


The recipes you’ll see on this blog range from very simple desserts to a little more complex ones, with a sprinkle of savory dishes in between. So how did my obsession with food start you ask? This is the part where I tell you about my childhood so, if you’re interested read on if not, go ahead and start browsing my recipes; I’m sure you’ll find some finger licking goodness that strikes your fancy.

The smell is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of how it all started. I can still remember the smell of a homie dish cooking in the oven as soon as I came home from school. I grew up with roasted chicken, homemade pasta, Moroccan tagines every night. I thought that this was the norm. Little did I know it was the exception. My mom would always share her culinary expertise with my brother and I; she would encourage us to cook, and be creative in our culinary adventures. She treated us to French pastries, Italian specialties all the while teaching us the rich flavors of our Moroccan heritage. For me food is the way to celebrate happiness, to bond with loved ones, and to offer comfort in time of need. Needless to say that I started cooking at a very young age and have loved it ever since.

Throughout my life, there have been twists and turns and a few surprises but the one constant in my life remains my love of creative cooking.I enjoy food and I always make sure that every dish I serve is perfect  before it goes on the table ( I'm a little OCD like that) but my passion and enthusiasm for baking began only recently. It all started when my twin girls turned one. After two boys, I wanted everything at their party to be pink and pretty. I went to all the kosher bakeries determined to give my girls a cake they wouldn’t soon forget. Every bakery seemed to have the same cookie-cutter cake, pink and/or white with frills, nothing that special or out of the box. I wanted more so I decided that for their next birthday I would surprise them and everyone else and make my girls the birthday cake I had envisioned for them. And I did. Having a background in chemistry definitely helps when experimenting with flavors, textures and ingredients while baking.  The rest, my friends,  is history as they say!